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FIFA 21: Meet The Best Full-backs Of The Game

There is no doubt that the full-backs are key pieces for all football teams, especially those who prefer to play with a line of 4 defenders, since the begin of the plays and the offensive power across the sides of the pitch depend on them.

Since the retirement of Phillip Lahm, the dispute for the best right-back in the world has been turned between Dani Alves and Dani Carvajal, with Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joshua Kimmich now joining the battle, although the Bayern Munich player is classified as CM in FIFA 21.

This dispute is transferred to FIFA Ultimate Team too, so these players are highly valued by users and very difficult to obtain at an affordable price, then deciding to choose one of them is key to start building your first level team.

However, you have the option to buy FIFA Coins to test each one and see which one you like the most according to your needs, since some of the list will be more defensive or faster than the others, it all depends on the role that want to give them in your squad.

So, don’t waste time or money building your team in FUT, here is the list of the 7 best full-backs in FIFA 21:


  1. Alex Sandro (85 overall)

Alex Sandro has been the starting left-back of Juventus in recent years, reason enough for him to reach a score of 85 points, and his best stats are defense and physique, being a fairly powerful player in one-on-one matches against the wingers.

Likewise, Alex Sandro is very good at doing crosses into the box, so if you play with a tall striker like Kane, Lewandowski or Lukaku, having this Brazilian full-back in your team is a very good decision.


  1. Ricardo Pereira (85 overall)

Leicester City’s speedy right-back has performed well during his last two years in the Premier League, making him one of the most profitable options for his position.

His great speed and ability to dribble make him a great offensive alternative, although he can leave spaces in defense.


  1. Kyle Walker.

The Manchester City right-back has been in these tops for more than 5 years as a speedy, obedient and very complete player on defense and offense.

His dribbling skills and his intelligence to position himself on the field make him a great option to fill this position in your team.


  1. Jordi Alba (86 overall)

Despite his bad season, Jordi Alba continues to be one of the best full-backs in the world due to his ability to pass and defend.

The Spanish is one of the players who gives the most assists at F.C Barcelona, ​​being a great offensive card for his team.


  1. Dani Carvajal (86 overall)

Dani Carvajal regained his level last season and was once again that intense full-back who covers both sides of the court very effectively.

His acceptable speed, his vision of the game and his crosses are ideal for players who want to build a balanced team in defense and attack.


  1. Andrew Robertson (87 overall)

Liverpool’s left-back is synonymous with speed, shot, intensity and defense, all in one player.

At his young age, he’s already hands down the best player in his position, so adding him to your squad would be a great achievement in FUT.


  1. Trent Alexander-Arnold (87 overall)

The Liverpool number 66 climbs to the top of this list for his impeccable shooting ability, passing, crossing, speed and defense.

Currently, Alexander-Arnold is the full back that all managers want on their team, aren’t you going to want him too? Check out FUTeamGo store, and you’ll have a chance to buy these great FIFA 21 players at compelling prices.