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Madden NFL 21: Tips for Beginners

Colin Kaepernick Is In The Game

As a reminder, in 2016, Kaepernick was the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. He came under the spotlights when he knelt during the national hymn. It was a way for him to protest against social inequalities in the USA.

The polemic around that event had consequences on his career. He has not played in the NFL since that day. It seems that the social unrest in the USA and the rest of the world after the death of George Floyd had some unexpected effects. Colin Kaepernick is in the game as a free agent with a rating of 81.


Patches 1.07 And 1.08 Content

Electronic Arts is working around the clock in order to fix some of the worst aspects of Madden 21. They released patch 1.07 on September 10. The patch fixed some issues like the username not appearing during 2v2 matches and MUT squads’ role selection.

The patch has also added content to the game like new legends in the SSKO Draft and a new song. It also features the season 1 called Hi-Def. The patch 1.08 went live on September 11 and fixes issues with the career and season mode stats as well as visual issues.


How To Get A Realistic Experience?

The Yard mode in Madden NFL 21 is an arcade take on American football. However, some people prefer a more realistic approach to the game. By using the sliders, you can obtain a satisfying result in that regard. The sliders offer a way to adapt the difficulty of the game to your needs.

There are gameplay sliders, penalty sliders, Player/CPU sliders that you can change to achieve the best results. You can find guides all over the internet that will help you to set the game “realism” as you desire.


Experience boost

Your level is very important in Madden as it affects your matchmaking. The best way to increase your level in the game is by completing weekly challenges. The challenges will change every week and will offer many XP points. While waiting for major updates it is a good way to enjoy an imperfect game.

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