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What are the effects of weed and alcohol?

For years now there has been a discussion going on about weed vs. alcohol. It is a similar discussion as the Apple vs. Android discussion. Apple fans claim their products are the best and definitely worth the money, and Android users claim their products can do the same as Apple’s but are more affordable. People who are against weed claim that weed is a very addictive and bad, but research show that alcohol is the more addictive substance out of the two. Whether this is 100% true, nobody knows. Scientist are still figuring that out. The research on alcohol has been going on for years, but the research on weed is just beginning. What researchers do know are the effects both substances have on your health and your psychological state. 


Same plant, different effects

When you are sensitive to psychological complaints, like panic attacks or anxiety, you should watch out with both alcohol and weed. The two substances can both worsen any complaints. That’s why you should always pay attention when using one or the other. If you are interested and curious is using weed, you have to make sure you get the right stuff. You can use hash or weed, there is not much of a difference. They both come from the same plant, but weed is the dried flower and hash is the compressed resin of that same flower. Both hash and weed can provide you with a fun and relaxed feeling, but both can also cause anxiety and panic attacks when you are already sensitive to these. 


Where do you get it?

Both weed and alcohol are never good when you use is excessively. But fortunately it’s not harmful from time to time and you can just enjoy it, in moderation! You can order your weed online, but you can also grow it yourself. Are you interested in growing your own plants? You can order the seeds online. At Royal Queen Seeds for example! With over 25.000 positive reviews, you can be certain that you order the right seeds on this website.