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A wide range of stud bolts and stud bolt caps for your project

Are you looking for high-quality stud bolt caps in specific numbers for your construction projects? The assortment of HBS Solutions B.V. is exactly what you need to reach the most successful result. Here you can find a wide range of so-called BoltShield® caps, which are specifically designed to protect nuts and bolts from thread damage and dirt. These caps are needed to prevent corrosion and rust, affecting nuts and bolts significantly. The stud bolt caps from BoltShield® have a special internal female thread and are made out of stainless steel. The thread, also called the screw-on system, makes sure that the bolt is fixed securely. In other words, you may count on reliable materials to apply to your construction. Are you looking for caps made of LDPE plastic? You can find these in the assortment of HBS Solutions B.V. as well. These are user-friendly and you do not need to use any additional tools to install and/or remove them.

Choose for the most suitable stud bolt and stud bolt caps

Thanks to this provider, you always have the possibility to choose the perfect stud bolt caps for your project. Do you choose plastic stud bolts or stud bolt caps? Then you also choose the most cost-effective solution. Despite the fact that these stud bolts have a limited durability, they are of good quality and perfect to use when you need them for, for example, temporary constructions. When you need a more durable solution, the stainless steel bolt caps are a better option. Each type of stud bolt caps this company offers, provides a specific level of protection. The first type covers both the exposed part of the bolt thread and the nut, while the second type only protects the bolt thread.

Ask for more information

The aluminum, carbon and stainless steel caps can be supplied in different bolt sizes and are all suitable for coating. The specialists of HBS Solutions B.V. have built an extensive experience and knowledge about their products and are always happy to advice you. It is also a possibility to read the information you need in the PDF file on the website of this company.