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Need aid in completing the Dutch tax return?

Foreign-born employees working in the Netherlands are required to register to obtain the 30% tax ruling. This Dutch tax return variant allows 30% of a foreign-born employee’s gross income to be paid out without any taxation, resulting in a higher net salary. As you might imagine, such a tax break is a great boon for you; still, the complexity of the legislation means that you might require some help to determine your eligibility. Choose Witlox International Tax Advice as your assisting experts in this matter. Founder Maurice Witlox checks your eligibility for the tax break and helps you with your application, all done quickly and professionally. You can be assured your application is completed in a comprehensive manner with all necessary information included.

Filing Dutch tax returns easily with reasonably priced assistance

Spouses pay separate labor taxes in the Netherlands. The company that pays your Dutch salary will withhold the relevant taxes automatically, as it is a down payment of income tax that would otherwise be due on your regular tax return. Thanks to this system, tax deductions can be accounted for on a monthly basis. Your Dutch income tax return will need to be filed at the end of each calendar year. For a clear rundown of your taxes with excellent service, Witlox International Tax Advice is the natural choice for you and your partner, at a fair price point.

The foremost service for filling out tax returns

Witlox International Tax Advice is available to provide assistance with filling out your Dutch tax return. Contracting for this company’s services assures you of:

  • Tax bracket- specific fiscal advice;
  • Requests for applicable monthly tax refunds such as mortgage interest or alimony payments;
  • Easy-to-fill questionnaires for collecting relevant tax return data;
  • A tax return filing window extension;
  • Filing of tax returns for you and your spouse or partner, if applicable;
  • An up-to-date taxation rules brochure every year.