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10 tips to discover food in a playful way

10 tips to discover food in a playful way

When your baby is about four months old, it is time to discover grown person food. Give your baby practise snacks so they can slowly adjust to the solid foods. Sometimes babies will not eat these snacks at first, there can be multiple reasons why your baby won’t eat his favourite snacks anymore. It is, of course, a big change in taste and structure when you are solely used to milk. In this blog we will give you a few tips on how you can make eating fun again for your baby!


Tip 1: Let your baby eat by ‘itself’

Give your little one his own spoon next to a bowl or plate while eating. Let him touch his food with his hands so he can feel the textures. In this way, your baby will learn what lies on the plate and what he will put into his mouth. Thereby, will your baby be distracted, so you can easily feed him at the same time! Another example of this tip is by giving ‘finger foods’ and letting him eat from his fist. In this way your baby is in complete control of what he eats, and it brings an extra challenge to discover it all by himself.


Tip 2: Sing a song before mealtime

Try to sing a fun song before you are giving food to your baby. This creates a routine and makes dinnertime very recognizable for your little one: we are singing, so we are going to eat! It also develops a fun association with food. There are multiple classic songs you can sing before the meal. It is up to you which one is your favourite. While eating you can also implement these fun riddles. You have probably heard of ‘here comes the airplane/car/train!’. Your baby cannot say no to such a fun snack, right?!


Tip 3: Show it

Your little imitation monkey thinks there is nothing funnier than to imitate mom or dad. You are his role model for a reason! So show him how you are eating, and how much you enjoy that bite of the potato. It shows him how much you like it and therefore he must like it too. To emphasise how delicious it is you can wave your hand next to your head. Just like the ‘it is so delicious’ gesture.


Baby formula next to practise snacks

Your baby is not ready yet to only eat solid foods. You still need to combine this kind of food with baby formula. Holle Baby Food has a diverse range of organic goat milk infant formula. You can find Holle at