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Successful entrepreneur small business ideas

Successful entrepreneur small business ideas


1. Nutrition Consultant 

As a nutrition consultant you know exactly what you eat for a balanced diet. Even so well that you can easily determine this for others based on their daily activity, weight, height and so on. 



2. Toy company

Maybe not the first idea of starting your own business, but this market is never saturated. Children burn their toys and parents, grandpas, uncles and aunts love to buy toys for their (grand) children. 




3. Property Management

As a property manager you do all the paperwork for homeowners who want to sell or rent out their home. Property management is becoming more and more popular because more and more people want to rent out their house. Also think about expats who want to rent out their home.




4. Financial Advisor

Are you a star with numbers and perhaps you have a degree in this field. Then you can advise companies on financial matters.




5. Trading companies

Buying, selling, low purchasing price, high selling price. You are a star when it comes to selling and finding bargains. 


A bus to travel all over the country would come in handy. There are often also large sales markets where you can score beautiful items for very little money. Consider the police confiscation auction.




6. Your own Media Marketing Company

A complete package in which you can offer the customer beautiful packages. From Website building to Growth Hacking. The expertise doesn’t have to lie entirely with yourself. Find reliable freelancers who want to join your Media Marketing Company. 


A full package looks like this:


Website Building

Social Media Marketing



Graphic Design

Email Marketing

Of course, such a complete package is not necessary right away, make two specialties your own. Over time, the others will fill in on their own. There are plenty of freelancers looking for a permanent base.




7. Employment agency

Hiring and deploying people and earning money at the same time. Are you good at maintaining relationships and finding the right people for the job. 


Then you can start a temp agency. In this industry, it often works well to find a more specific niche as well.





Starting your own business is a great step and hopefully one of these 50 ideas has helped you. Starting your own business is an exciting step and even more important is sticking with it when things get tough for a while. Therefore, an unstoppable mindset is a great tool to achieve success with all 50 own business ideas. 


Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but the feeling of your own success is the best thing there is and that is why I will always recommend it to everyone anyway.


Make money while traveling


Almost all own business ideas can be set up in such a way that you don’t need to be physically present yourself. During the startup of your business, this may be a little more difficult to handle. But over time, you can make your presence less and less important without affecting the success of your own business. For example, hiring VAs and automating as many processes as possible is a good idea. This way you can enjoy your free time and money abroad.



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