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Reducing calcium deficiency thanks to a reduction of the dietary cation anion difference

Would you like to know more about the dietary cation anion balance and how to prevent a difference in calcium levels? Calcium deficiency is a problem that is often seen in dairy cows after calving. It may cause a lot of problems if the cows are unable to produce enough dairy. To reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows, Kimtec International has developed and produced economically feasible feed additives and supplements. These products are all developed with state-of-the-art machinery and have a proven high quality. This quality is guaranteed thanks to the high-quality control standards that many countries adhere to, such as GMP and HACCP. Products of Kimtec International can therefore be distributed globally to dairy farm owners, dairy consultants, and companies in the animal feed industry.

Nothing but the best for your dairy cows

One way of reducing the dietary cation anion difference is using anionic salts like KatAn®. This consists of potent and palatable anionic salts that are specially developed to prevent calcium deficiencies in dairy cows. One of the biggest problems is a milk fever, which mostly occurs with older cows. When dairy cows have to calve, their calcium demand increases significantly whilst older cows have a much slower process of setting free the calcium out of the bones. KatAn® is one of Kimtec Internationals advanced products to make sure your dairy cows have nothing but the best calcium release.

Explore the opportunities a global partner has to offer

The employees at Kimtec International are more than happy to explain the operation of a dietary cation anion balance and how to prevent a large difference in it. Or explore all the different supplements that can prevent milk fever. Make sure to contact the experts at Kimtec International to get all your questions answered. You can find all the contact information on their website.