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How to convince anyone and make them change their minds

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Many of us have to resort to persuasion. We try to convince children that they need to study well and eat right. Sellers strive to convince buyers that they just need to buy their product. Employees want to convince management that they have found a new approach to work. Idealists believe that you can convince people to change the world for the better. But for some reason, no one wants to change. Children, as if in spite of their parents, do the opposite, the bosses shrug off practical initiatives, and buyers are in no hurry to part with money.

The popular belief among marketers is that momentum can be changed by push. If a client hesitates to buy a project that a whole team has worked on, you need to push and convince, provide additional facts and arguments in all possible ways. If children do not understand how useful healthy food is, you need to force them to eat right, and then they will learn on their own. But all this, in the opinion of Yona Berger, the author of the book “Catalyst” not published in Russian, works in the opposite direction. The push does not lead out of the usual state, but only strengthens it. To make a difference, an alternative approach is needed.

To do this, Yona recommends following these recommendations:

– Give people a menu, that is, several options to choose from. But this choice will be manageable, so that with a high degree of probability they will choose what they need.

– Before you start convincing someone, try to first understand this person – without this, trust will not arise between you.

– To get your way, start by asking less. A person who agrees to a small request will subsequently agree to a large favor.

– Encourage people to check what you are offering them. This can be a free trial period, samples of some product, and other options that are not too complicated and not time-consuming. So that they are not afraid of losses in the event of a purchase, stipulate that they can return what did not suit them at any time, this will reassure them.

– Determine how complex the changes you are about to launch and allocate your resources accordingly.

Remember that anyone can be a catalyst for change. You don’t need to have a special education, a large advertising budget or special charm to do this. You just need to understand what is stopping you, find what prevents you from moving, and eliminate it. We all want to change something for the better.

By becoming a catalyst that removes obstacles to change, anyone can bring about change, even if it does not happen immediately, but gradually.

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