Every kind of ship repair in international waters is possible


Are you in need of a reliable partner for your underwater projects? At Antwerp Underwater Solutions professional dive support for ship repair is available in all international European harbors. Thanks to their excellent services no project is too difficult. From repairing anchors and chains to removing rust and polishing propellers – this is just an idea of what these professional divers have to offer.

What kind of services does Antwerp Underwater Solutions offer?

One of the main advantages of Antwerp Underwater Solutions is that they offer underwater repairments of your vessel. Most companies on the other hand only offer repairs at dry-dock, which results in high scaffolding costs and the loss of a lot of time. A stationary ship however needs adequate maintenance as it gets rusty. The divers from Antwerp Underwater Solutions are certified to repair your vessel underwater at your current location. Their services for ship repair are available 24/7 on an international basis. Think about the following:

  • Inspections of various kinds
  • Maintenance on all equipment and the exterior of the vessel
  • Repairs of all vessels that lay in international European harbors

Is there a need for a dry working environment? The innovative technique of a cofferdam offers the dry environment so the divers have the ability to execute the repair from the inside of the vessel. Whether you are in need of a dry environment or underwater solution, these specialists make it happen for you!

Make use of a 24/7 service and discover the endless possibilities

Request a quotation from these underwater professionals for your ship repair or other services in international harbors. Contact Antwerp Underwater Solutions with your request or problem and discover the endless possibilities and solutions for miscellaneous kinds of defects. Their assistance is available 24/7 and always of the highest quality! Request your quotation now or contact them when an emergency reparation is needed.