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Cold feet while skiing, hiking or cycling?

Cold feet while skiing, hiking or cycling? Browse our collection now and find the socks that best suit you and your needs.


We offer different types of heated socks. These are socks with heating from BERTSCHAT® and with the option of a long or short stocking. All heated socks come with batteries that are rechargeable so you can enjoy warm socks again and again. Our specialists will help you find the socks that perfectly suit you and your needs. So that you always have the best and highest quality heated socks at your disposal.

BERTSCHAT®’s socks have a huge heating surface so there is no doubt, and cold feet are a thing of the past. The entire forefoot is heated and when it stays warm, the whole foot benefits.


Are you looking for heated socks for when cycling, skiing or hiking?

Do you suffer from painful cold feet easily, for example? Then heated socks are an excellent choice. There are different models for example, we offer socks especially for winter sports. The Long Edition is especially for winter sportsmen as this length extends above the ski boot. As a result, the battery is not in the way. For hikers and cyclists, we also have a Hiking Edition. These are shorter and come halfway down the lower leg. This way, the sock extends exactly above the hiking boot. The socks are powered by powerful batteries, instead of powerbanks with the heated body warmer. This allows you to warm your feet for an entire day.


Of course, you can also just wear the heated socks at home or at work. For example, if you work in a cold store, are at the market or work outside in construction, the socks can ensure that you walk around with warm feet all day. All socks are available at Comfort-Products. In addition to heated socks, the webshop offers a wide range of other products to ensure you don’t get cold this winter. For your feet, for example, we offer heated soles as an alternative to heated socks and for your hands, there is a whole range of heated gloves available. For example, there are heated gloves for both cycling and motorcycling. And also heated undergloves available so you don’t have to put your own gloves in the cupboard either. So you can enjoy your favourite pair of gloves with 


All BERTSCHAT® products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, but even after that they provide services can be read in the reviews. They can be reached by e-mail, chat and phone. Curious about what other products they offer? Take a look at the BERTSCHAT® website.