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Are you in need of urgent assistance because a valve you need cannot be sourced from stock or is your standard supplier unable to deliver the cryogenic valves where they are urgently needed? Red Point can help by making sure you can start up and finish your project within the estimated timeline by timely supplying you with the right cryogenic valves.

For which LNG and low temperature applications are these valves suited?

All of the cryogenic valves at Red Point are from European origin and can be supplied with extreme short delivery times in Europe and the rest of the world. This means that your cryogenic valves are delivered almost directly when you order them. The valves from Red Point have several low temperature and LNG (liquified natural gas) applications, such as

  • LNG tankers
  • LNG terminals
  • LNG platforms
  • LNG plants
  • Air separation

In addition, they consider temperatures below minus 20°C (4°F) as low temperature service and less than minus 73°C (100°F) as cryogenic service. Therefore, they also offer an extensive range of type tested valves for your specific application. All of these valves are designed in accordance to industrial standards such as BS6364, MSS SP-134 and ISO28921-1.

Contact these valve providers directly

At Red Point you make use of their fast-track delivery of special materials and special designs, even when it comes to cryogenic valves. It is even possible to discuss your application with them and see which cryogenic valves are the best fit for you. This all depends on customer requirement, service condition, used material, pressure, temperature rating, and a lot of other technical or environmental requirements. Whatever you need, Red Point assists into producing the best cryogenic valves for your application. Make sure to contact them by calling or sending a message via the contact form on their website.